Pattern, Protocol, Performance, and Praise




The Fountain Focus Book

The Fountain FOCUS Classroom Management Program is committed to excellence in educator preparation, professional training, and supporting qualified, degreed individuals through focused pedagogical instruction in order to meet federal and state requirements for educators.

My discipline approach reduces limits on mobility and increases efficiency for our participants through a technology-based interface and supports the special needs of school districts and their employees through asynchronous online instructional programs.

I am working with local school districts and universities in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, California, and Pennsylvania to schedule Fountain FOCUS Discipline Workshops that will teach more successful alternatives and techniques that can be utilized pro-actively to stop problems before they begin. Also, I am in the process of creating teacher preparation guides for state certification exams, including online courses. My discipline book is in the process of being translated into a Spanish version.

The earliest mental-discipline theories of teaching were based on a premise that the main justification for teaching anything is not for itself but for what it trains, intelligence, attitude, and values. By choosing the right material and by emphasizing strategies and methods of learning, according to the Fountain FOCUS Classroom Management Program, one disciplines the mind and produces a better "FOCUS!"

I know that this discipline model worked for me and it will work for you! If it does not, use a "Whatever Works" approach and modify it to your specific classroom discipline needs.

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